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Here at Cheap Video Games Club, we are not just another one of those online video game shopping sites. Instead, we are a full review site. We go through, play each video game we review, and tell you about it. You may agree with our assessment, or you may not. The hope is, you will at least understand more about the video game by reading what we have to say about each one.

Latest Games

At Cheap Video Game Club, we take the time to review the latest games as soon as we can from when they came out. We also research them prior to their release so we can get you accurate information as quick as possible.

Classic Games

At Cheap Video Games Club, we go through old classics and remind you about games you either once loved, or once said, “I should try that video game…”. They are worth remembering!

Legit Video Game Reviews

At Cheap Video Games Club, you will always know what we like about each video game, and what we don’t.

Cheap Video Games Club is a Family Affair

One thing that is different about Cheap Video Games Club is that we are a family unit. The games that are appropriate for kids, we have our kids try out. We tell you what they say about each video game. Plus, we include tips that they think would make it better or more fun. Most video game sites will only give you the perspective of one person, but not here. Here, we tell you what adults, teens, and children thought of each video game as it was played.

We love playing video games, which is where the idea for Cheap Video Games Club came from. We have nearly all of the video game consoles ever created. Between us, we have played nearly all of the PlayStation games and Xbox games on the market. We will tell you which are fun games to play and which are simply not worth the investment, in our opinion.

If you have a video game that you would like us to try, contact us. Tell us any video game you want, and if we can find it, we’ll try it and review it on here. We also welcome comments. Disagree with one of our reviews? Tell us, and more importantly, tell the audience reading the reviews. Explain what makes you think we gave it the wrong review, and we may very well go back and change it!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My twins loved playing video games, but always did so at other people’s houses. This year, for their birthday, I wanted to invest in video game consoles and video games they could play together, and with their friends. I’ll definitely come back next time I need more inspiration.” -Stella

““The kids understand games far better than I do, so a simple place to go to find information was something I really needed. That is what I found at Cheap Video Games Club. Thanks, guys.” -K. Rose

“I recently read that playing video games was helpful with memory problems. So, I went in search of some classic video games I could play with my mother. This was just the resource I needed to find the perfect one. Thank you!” -Dale

We Care About Our Readers

Remember, we are not just one of those run of the mill, online video game shopping sites. We are a group of people, in one family, that absolutely loves video games. We play games as a group, and as individuals. Unlike some other video game websites, we try everything from puzzle games online to sports and action games on consoles or the PC. We are up for it all. The games we play and review are meant to help you pick out great games for your home library, and not cost you an arm and a leg to do it. Join us in becoming one of the best video game review sites online, and be part of the family with us!

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  • laugh at ourselves trying new and used video games
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