NBA 2K19 on X-box

Are you a basketball fan? Then you will thoroughly enjoy NBA 2K19 on the X-box. It is a great way to get a feel for your favorite players, and it is also a fun way to see a different side of the game. You can pick and choose which players to have fun with, and several different modes of play. You can play NBA 2K19 on X-box, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4, and the PC, making it a very versatile game for anyone. Plus, it just happens to be a lot of fun.

We Learned a Lot Playing NBA 2K19

In our house, we have fans of many different sports. The gambit runs from football to the other football (soccer), hockey to basketball, and baseball to curling. You name it, someone in the house likes it. Basketball is one that a few people like, so we naturally wanted to give NBA 2K19 a try. It was a big hit. Some preferred being able to play a game their way, while others really liked being able to take over for a player in the middle of a game. I think the biggest hit was the neighborhood feature. It gave all of us a fun look into how some players get started with their love of basketball. Plus, it helped us learn the skills needed to play the game properly.

Overall, NBA 2K19 Was a Big Hit

Even the people in the house who were not big fans of basketball prior to watching this game, liked this game. We all had fun making pretend wagers on who would win and by how much. FYI – graham crackers are great for this! When it comes to cheap video games, this one fits the bill considering brand new it isn’t even $40 anymore. We give NBA 2K19 on X-box a 9/10.