The Incredibles on X-Box – LEGO Version

Many people know the Incredibles because they are in the movies, and a family of superheroes is hard to ignore. However, did you know that there is also the Incredibles on X-box? It’s true! You can now play some of your favorite cartoon superheroes on a video game that is nearly as much fun as watching the movie as a family! If you love the Incredibles in the movies, you will love the game, too. And if you want something other than the X-box to play it on, you can also play the Incredibles on PS4 and Nintendo’s Switch!

About the Incredibles

This is not your ordinary family. Each member of the Parr family has a special superpower that is unique to them. In this game, you need to be able to use different powers from each member of the family to win the game. The different family members must combine their abilities to create a new and unique building or cityscape. You have the main storyline, plus there are tons of sideline quests you can do. Plus, you can even go in and change up how the different characters look and which abilities they have. The whole game is able to be customized!

Playing the Incredibles

As a family, we get into games that the entire family can be a part of. One kid will yell out what they see, and another will squeal with delight when a quest goal is reached. The game is a lot of fun when you have cooperation going on between the player and the people watching. This is a blast for us, since there are nearly no games out there where 6-10 people can play on one system, at the same time. So, to give our recommendation, we give the Incredibles on X-box an 8.5/10.