USB Cooling Fans for Video Game Consoles

by | Oct 6, 2018 | Video Game Accessories | 0 comments

One of the most common issues video game consoles have is that they get hot. That’s where the RROD came from, after all. So, what options do you have to remedy that? One that is relatively new to the world of video game accessories are USB cooling fans. These are set up to work directly with video game consoles and keep the heat from building up inside them. It is a great way to be able to use your video game consoles as long as you want, without the worry!

Types of USB Cooling Fans

The type of USB cooling fans you buy must directly correlate to the video game consoles you own. So, for us, we could have gotten a USB fan for the X-box One, for the Playstation 4, or several other platforms. The point of us buying one was to make sure we could keep the console as cool as possible. We have lost systems in the past to the RROD, or its equivalent, depending on the system.

What you do with the USB cooling fans depends on the style you get. For some, you insert the fan directly into the USB and the fan turns on when you set it to. This is a small fan that sits on the back of the console itself and pulls the hot air out of the system when you have it in use. Most of these little guys have an on/off switch, as well as a way to set it to automatically turn on when you have the unit on. That is how we set ours. There are also USB cooling fans that you set beneath the console, similar to the type used for beneath laptops. That is what we preferred when trying out both.

Our Results with USB Cooling Fans

While both styles did help keep the internal temperature cooler, the fans you placed beneath the video game consoles just did a better job. They pulled more hot air out of the system itself. Plus, they were quieter. It is not that either of them were overtly loud, but the quiet hum over the buzz of the smaller units was noticeable. We highly recommend you get yourself USB cooling fans for any consoles you own. We give the flat, laptop style a 9.5/10, and we give the plugin style an 8.5/10.