Video Game Classic – The Witcher 3

Are you a fan of the Witcher series? If so, then you surely know about The Witcher 3. It is a classic video game where you get to run around the open world and fight enemies that come nearby. In The Witcher 3, you explore the world as Geralt of Rivia, as he searches everywhere for his adopted daughter, Ciri. There is a force trying to steal her powers, so she is on the run, and it is his job as her father to find and protect her. If you never played The Witcher 3 on PS4, X-box, or the PC, then you have missed out.

The Witcher 3 is a Classic

One of the things that set The Witcher 3 apart from other role-playing game titles at the time it came out is that there was not a single ending that everyone saw. It was all based on how you played up until that point. You had to make different choices at key points in the game, and the choices you made determined which ending you saw. This made the game even more exciting. Plus, it gave the game a lot of replay value in that you could keep changing your choices. To just beat the game, you can easily put in 50-75 hours of playing. If you find all of the sideline quests, you could spend 1-200 hours in this game and not get bored!

The Witcher 3 is a game for the ages, as it puts good against evil in a family-centric, endearing fashion. There are several RPGs out there, but few of them have the connection that you get with this title. It is a great way to spend a weekend. Or, you can buy the title and go out and play it after work at night. The older members of the family loved watching this game, and many of us found ourselves cheering for the characters as the game went on. Overall, we give the classic video game, The Witcher 3, 8.5/10.